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  1. Life is an amazing adventure.
  2. The most precious gift to us is Life.
  3. Find the meaning before it is too late.

life is an amazing and the most expensive gift given to man kind. But sadly not all are able to realize this wonderful gift. According to the statistics around 45000 americans alone die due to suicide. This is a vast number of deaths and compared to car accidents it is 5000 more deaths.
Now we should be thinking what can be main causes of this deaths. There is a lot of discussion on this but one of the main reason is the mental health of the person and how could they be able to deal with the frustrations and ups and downs in life. So seeing this we can easily suggest that one of the effective way to deal with this is to create mental health centers which constantly hears the emotional pains and the frustrations of the people. As the saying goes if you share the feelings you share the pain as well, which makes you feel much lighter.
To deal with frustrations one should sense the positive energy from themselves and the surroundings around them. We should recognize the gift of life and also recognize its ways.Life is a process. Trust it. The day-to-day, hour-to-hour happenings taking place in your life may appear completely unrelated on the surface, but in truth, there is an orchestrated, interlocking chain of events occurring. The human in us always wants to know what is going on and why, but we don’t always need to know! Even in times of major upheaval and turmoil, understand that it is part of a necessary process, and after the dust settles, the gift will reveal itself. Live life and find the best of it.
Here are some of the ways to deal with frustrations and come out of it:-