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Studying in U.S. was always a big dream of mine. When I decided I want to apply university in U.S. I had only 3 months left until the deadlines. This process of studying by your own is really challenging and hard process. Because you can't guess what exactly you are going to achieve at the end. Some days I was questioning myself if I am doing right with going for the things that only few people has information about in my country. One day I decided that I will not be able to continue. Beside studying I had to do documents stage which was kind of impossible. If I want to get some kind of documents in my country I have to visit 20 places to be able to take that document. Those days I had to get one document that I particularly need to send and I was about to miss the deadline. I came home and decided to watch a movie to get my mind off everything. The movie was called Stoning of Soraya.

It was about a woman, living in a remote village in Iran, whose husband falsely accuses her for cheating, so that she gets killed and he remarries. It was a heartbreaking story of Soraya, who cannot prove her innocence and gets stoned to death by her villagers and her sons.

Soraya’s friend narrates the story to a French journalist, finishing with a sentence that changed my perspective and understanding of life. She said, “The voices of women don’t matter here. I want you to take my voice with you.”

In that very moment, I realized how powerful I am that I have a voice! I realized that millions of women all over the world are deprived of this and instead of watching movies, crying and feeling sorry for myself, I have to act. So I put my emotional-ice-cream-eating aside and started to write down the list of the things that I had to do to end this admission process. Now I reached my aim and learned to aim higher and higher. I am freshman in Graceland University and I already achieved so many valuable experiences.

This page serves as a resource about me and my interests. By visiting diverse sections you will have the full information about my culture,hobbies and interests.
Amina Amirkhanli
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