Review Questions:Multiple choice

1.Which of the following would a consistent website
design not have?

a.A similar navigation area on each content
b.The same fonts on each content page
c.A different background color on each page
d.The same logo in the same location on each content page
The answer is: c
2.Which of the following are the three most common
methods for organizing websites?

a. Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal
b. Hierarchical, linear, and random
c.Accessible, readable, and maintainable
d.None of the above
The answer is: b
3.Which of the following is not a web design recommended practice?
a. Design your site to be easy to navigate.
b. Colorful pages appeal to everyone.
c. Design your pages to load quickly.
d. Limit the use of animated items.
The answer is: b
4.Which of the following are the four principles of
the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?

a. Repetition, contrast, proximity, and alignment
b. Perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust
c. Accessible, readable, maintainable, and reliable
d. Hierarchical, linear, random, and sequential
The answer is: b
5.Which of the following is a sketch or blueprint of
a web page that shows the structure(but not the
detailed design) of basic page elements?

a. Drawing
b. HTML code
c. Site map
d. Wireframe
The answer is: d
6.Which of the following are influenced by the
intended or target audience of a site?

a. The amount of color used on the site
b. The font size and styles used on the site
c. The overall look and feel of the site
d. All of the above
The answer is: d
7.Which of the following recommended design prac-
tices apply to a website that uses images for its
main site navigation?

a.Provide alternative text for the images.
b. Place text links at the bottom of the page.
c. Both a and b
d. No special considerations are needed.
The answer is: c
8.Which of the following is known as white space?
a. The empty screen area around blocks of text
and images
b. The background color of white used for a page
c. Configuring the color of the text to be white
d. None of the above
The answer is: a
9.Which of the following should you when creat-
ing text hyperlinks?

a. Create the entire sentence as a hyperlink
b. Include the words Click here in your text.
c. Use a key phrase as a hyperlink
d. None of the above
The answer is: c
10.Which of the following is a color scheme that con-
sists of two colors that are opposite each other on
the color wheel?

a. Analogous
b. Complementary
c. Split complementary
d. Contrasting
The answer is: b

Fill in the Blank

11.The most common structure used for commercial
website is hierarchical organization.

12.All browsers and browser versions do not display
web pages in exactly the same way.

13.The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is a group
whose mission is to create guidelines and standards
for web accessibility.
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