Azra Pita

Checkpoint 2.1:

1.Describe the origin,purpose,and features of Html?
2.Describe the software needed to create and test web pages?
3.Describe the purpose of the head and body sections of a web page?

1. HTML is the set of markup symbols or codes placed in a file that is intended for display on a web page. Tim Berners-Lee developed Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) by using Standard Generalized Markup Language. We use HTML language to make web pages and it can also be used to place graphics, video and audio on our web page.
2. No special software is needed to create a web page document; all you need is a text editor. The Notepad text editor is included with Microsoft Windows. TextEdit is used by Mac OS x operating system.
3.In the head section head we include title of the web page, meta tags that describe the document. The first element in the head section, the title element, configures the text that will appear in the title bar of the browser window. The text between the title and tags is called the title of the web page and is accessed when web pages are bookmarked and printed. The meta element describes a characteristic of a web page, such as the character encoding. The body section contains text and elements that are displayed directly on the web page. The body element contains the body section, which begins with body tag and it ends with the slash body

Checkpoint 2.2:

1.Describe the features of a heading element and how it configures the text?
2.Describe the difference between ordered lists and unordered lists?
3.Describe the purpose of the block quote element?

1.Heading element are organized into six levels: h1 through h6. The text contained within a heading element is rendered as a “block” of text. Heading element h1 means large text size and h6 is smallest text size.
2.Lists are in general used to organize information. We have description, ordered and unordered types of lists. An ordered list displays a numbering or lettering system to itemize the information contained in the list. It can be organized by the use of numerals, uppercase or lowercase letters and uppercase or lowercase Roman numerals. For ordered list we use ol tag and we end with an ol tag. An unordered list displays a bullet, or list marker, before each entry in the list. For unordered list we use ul tag and we end with a slash ul tag. When we are using list items we begin with an li tag and we close with slash li tag.
3.We use blockquote element to display a block of quoted text in a special way. We use a blockquote tag and we end with a blockquote tag.

Checkpoint 2.3:

1.Describe the purpose of special characters?
2.Describe when to use an absolute link.Is the http protocol used in the href value?
3.Describe when to use a relative link.Is the http protocol used in the href value?

1.If we want to use special characters on our web page we have special codes that we are using. For example if we want to use a quotation mark on our page we are using " code. Code for Copyright symbol is © etc.
2.We use an absolute hyperlink when we want to link to resources on our web site. It indicates the absolute location of a resource on the Web. It includes the http:// protocol and the domain name.
3.When we want to link to web pages within our site, we use a relative hyperlink. When it comes about relative hyperlink the href value does not begin with the http:// protocol and the domain name.


1.What is the URL of the website?
2.Is the tutorial geared toward the beginner level,intermediate level,or both levels?
3.Would you recommend this site to others?Why or why not? 4.List one or two concepts that you learned from this tutorial?

The URL of the website is Tutorials are for beginner level with explanations and besides that it is good organized so we can easily find things that we are looking for.
I would recommend this site because it is the world ‘s largest developer site and it is nicely organized.
My favorite thing that I learned is color picker where you can choose color with lighter or darker options.

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