Jacob Belmore, MS, Candidate D.Sc.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

"We live in a world so critically dependent on science and technology, in which almost no one understands anything about science or technology..."
Office: 641-784-5294
Cell: 816-352-5661

I graduated from Graceland University in 2012 with BS in Computer Science and Philosophy/Religion. After Graceland, I went to work in Kansas City, MO for DST Systems as a web developer, DBA, and middleware developer using Java. While working at DST, I was able to attend graduate school at the University of Central Missouri and I recieved my MS Computer Science in May of 2014. That August, I left DST and returned to Graceland University as an Instructor of Computer Science. In January 2016 I was accepted into the D.Sc. Cybersecurity program at Dakota State University, which I am projected to complete in May 2019. Today, I live in Overland Park, KS with my beautiful wife Anna, our puppy Lily, and our kitten Sophie.

Classes I have taught:

Priniciples of Computing / Programming
Web Development in HTML/CSS/Javascript
Information Security
Programming Languages and the Theory of Computation
Computer Organization and Hardware
Game Development and Design
Artificial Intelligence
Unix and Linux Systems
Operating Systems and Networking
Data Structures and Algorithms
Database Concepts and SQL

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Student Tools:

Game Development:

Personal Projects:

Things I do for fun:
  1. Walking my dog, Lily
  2. Gaming
  3. Game Development