Friends and Family


My Family is incredible. They are willing to help anyone, and give up everything in order to make me happy.

My mom, Markie Mccoy (pictured on the left) is a licensed psychoanalyst. Whats neat about her business is that its in our backyard, so she walks to work everyday.
My dad, Terry Mccoy, (pictured on the right) is retired. When he was working, he was the sales manager for Frontier city for 35 years.

Picture of my grandparents and me
These are my grandparents! They live in Minnesota, and are the nicest people ever. Always helping the rest of the family, and being great moral support, they are the foundation to my family. Plus they are die hard Viking fans!

My Cat "Ewok":
picutre of my cat Ewok
To be honest, I wanted to create a whole page dedicated to my cat Ewok, but figured no one would care that much.
Ewok is an interesting little creature, who loves to be petted!! She refuses to be followed and talked down to, but loves to be walked on a leash. Ewok is what I miss most about Oklahoma. It's easy to tell your friends and family bye, but a pet will never fully understand why we leave them behind.


Picture of My friends and I
These are my home slices!!!!
They always remind me how lucky I am to have them.

Graceland Forever

Picture of my hall and me Picture of Ronilsy and me Picture of my favorite Cali boys and I Pictures of Kelle and I Taken at the Buddhist temple in Des Moines Picture of Brickell, Melissa, and me