Brianna Triplett

Welcome to my page!

Hello, My name is Brianna Triplett. Im a sophomore here at Graceland University. My major is Art Studio, whereas before it was Nursing.
I know right a big change in direction from where I were headed. But I am also a mother of a 5 year old daughter named Ariah. She is
is my life! I love spending time and caring for her when I'm not busy doing homework or whatever else needs my attention. I also love astrology
I am a Sagittarius which I rep proudly. I also LOVE the color pink!! I'm also from Joplin, Missouri, and yes I am a survivor of the EF 5 tornado that struck there back in
2011, where my daughter was only 6 months old then. It was a very crazy experience. This is just a little bit of things about me.