This website is dedicated to being the central hub of my internet. What I mean by that is that I want everything on here to reflect what I do, and to make it easier for me to navigate. Feel free to check out the links to the left.

Me and my Siblings

About Me

My name is Cynthia Lopez. I'm a freshman at Graceland University.
I live in Independence, Missouri with my family. I have a little sister who is 14,
and two younger brothers who are 8 and 17. I love spending time with my little siblings.
Since I moved to Graceland, that time has been cut down considerably. Luckly we have
this incredible thing called the internet! I skype with my parents, and play video
games with my brothers, such as Minecraft, which you can learn about to the left.
Most of the stuff on my site shows what I like, so you'll learn more about me by exploring!