About Me

I was born on February 6, 1995 to my parents, Rob and Carma Goin. I am an only child while living in the same house my entire life in a small town, Holt, located in Missouri. I started participating in sports at a young age with basketball being the first at the age of three. The next year I participated in baseball and soccer as well. Eventually at age six I also began participating in football. Once middle school began I dropped soccer and baseball from my athletic career to focus on Football, Basketball and Track. Holt is such a small town that we didn't have our own school so I attended the Kearney School District. My freshman year was a lot to take in as we won State Championships in numerous sports. There are too many for me to remember to write down but two that I participated in were Football, and Basketball. I also decided to go out on a limb this year and try out tennis. That was short lived as I only participated in Basketball and Track and eventually Football again my senior year of High School. After graduating High school in 2013 I signed with Graceland University to play college basketball.



Worked with a partner where I mostly handled the backend job working with SQL.