Checkpoint 2.1

Describe the origin, purpose, and features of HTML.

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) was created by Tim Berners-Lee using Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML).SGML is a format for embedding descriptive markup within a document and describes the structure of a document. HTML is the set up of markup symbols and codes placed in a file that is shown on a web page. HTML features are that you can create paragraphs, lists, headings, and add media such as audio, video, and graphics to a web page.

Describe the software needed to create and test web pages.

You don't need any special software. You will need a text editor such as Notepad, TextEdit, Notepad++, TextWrangler, or Adobe Dreamweaver.

Describe the purpose of the head and body sections of the web page.

The head section is used deThe body section is used to compose the contents of a web page. This content will be displayed directly on the web page.

Checkpoint 2.2

Describe the features of a heading element and how it configures the text.

The features of a heading element are h1 through h6. It configures the size of the text by showing larger text when using h1 and gradually becomes smaller as you get down to h6. H6 is the smallest text. Also, the text is shown in bold font weight.

Describe the difference between ordered lists and unordered lists.

Unordered lists use bullets or list markers before the information listed. These bullets are in the form of shapes such as a disc, circle, or square. Ordered lists use letter and number systems to show information listed. They can use numerals, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, or upper and lower case Roman numerals.

Describe the purpose of the blockquote element.

This element is used to show a block of quoted text by indenting it from the left and the right margins.

Checkpoint 2.3

Describe the purpose of special characters.

Special characters, also known as entity characters, are used when you want to use symbols such as the copyright symbol, question marks, and the less-than or greater-than sign.

Describe when to use an absolute link. Is the http protocol used in the href value?

An absolute link is used when linking resources on other websites. You do use the http protocol in the href value (http: / / protocol and the domain name).

Describe when to use relative link. Is the http protocol used in the href value?

Relative hyperlinks are used when linking web pages within a site. You do not use the http protocol and domain name when using relative hyperlinks. In this case you, the href value would include only the file name or the file name and folder of the web page that you want to be shown.

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4.Graphic elements are svg and canvas. Multimedia elements are audio and video.

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