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My name is Lucky Lesu and I am sophomore here at Graceland. I major in mathematics and minor in computer science.I am from california and not really use to the cold here yet. My favorite sports to watch is football and basketball, my favorite teams for both sports are the San Diego Chargers and the Los Angeles Lakers. I like to eat food. I like to eat a lot of food. I like to eat good food. As a kid we grew up as a family based around the teachings and values of The Bible. Me and my family take pride in God, and I beleive with every bit of me that I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for Him. I have a very big family, both in numbers and size. My racial background is Samoan, and we are normally big so that explains why I'm big. jk, I'm big because I like food. I have 6 other siblings, 3 girls and 4 boys. I only want to make my family proud and serve as a role model to my little siblings by doing the best I can everyday and glorifing God everystep of the way.

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