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About the Doctor
He is a Time Lord from the alien planet, Gallifrey. When he is dying, he regenerates so everything about him changes except for his memories. The Doctor is on his eleventh regeneration. When he was on his first regeneration, the Doctor stole a T.A.R.D.I.S. and started to travel the universe. It always appears as a police public call box because the chameleon circut, what makes it disguise itself, broke when he was in 1963. He has not bothered to fix it. The Doctor often travels with one or more companions. At one point he even had a metal dog called K-9.
TARDIS First Doctor Second Doctor
- T.A.R.D.I.S. -
"Time and Relative
Dimensions in Space"
- William Hartnell -
- Patrick Troughton -
Third Doctor Fourth Doctor Fifth Doctor
- Jon Pertwee -
- Tom Baker -
- Peter Davison -
Sixth Doctor Seventh Doctor Eighth Doctor
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1987-1989, 1996
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About the Villains
The Doctor faces many enemies in his adventures. His strongest adversaries are the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the Master.
The Daleks are from the planet, Skaro. They are mutations created by Davros. When you look at them, you are actually seeing armor which has an eye-stalk for vision, an arm with a suction-like end which acts as a hand, and a gun. The creature inside looks more like an octopus with a large brain.
The Cybermen are cyborgs that were once humans. They upgrade, or convert, humans and humanoids to be like themselves, logical and purged of emotion.
The Master is a renegade Time Lord and he is the arch-nemesis of the Doctor. They were friends as young boys, but the Master has always wanted to destroy the Doctor. He is often called mad. In fact, he has a real malady. The Master hears drumming in his head at all times.
Dalek Cybermen The Master
- Daleks -
Introduced in 1963
- Cybermen -
Introduced in 1966
- The Master -
Introduced in 1971
Has been played by 9
different actors
(pictured: John Simm)