2.1 answers

    1. Is a standard for describing the structure and presentation of information via internet.
    2. To create a web to test text editor web browser FTP Client.
    3. things in the body tag are things that shouldn't rendered. Body tag are the things that should be displayed.
    2.2 answers
    1. heading element by base of size make the text bigger.
    2. order list is which displays with number y unordered is displays with a bullet.
    3. this used to display a block of quoted text in special way.
    2.3 answers
    1. the greater than sign (>), the less than sign (<), and the copy right sign in your web page document you use special character called entity characters.
    2. absolute hyper link - absolute location of a resource on the web. to the homepage of a web site.
    3 If when you need to link web pages within your site use a relative hyper link. href will contain only the file name or file name and folder of the web page you want to display.
    Web research answers
    a. one type of uniture resource identifier.
    b. definitely both!
    c. no because some website can be harmful.
    d. I didn't really look through one tutorial specifically but just looked ground.