Pizza Shack

Welcome to the Pizza Shack

The Pizza Shack is a fun place to eat for all ages. We love to see Graceland Alumi, Graceland Students, and Lamoni Locals. We have some of the best food in southern Iowa, we even have been awarded best pizza in all of Iowa. The Shack is a proud supporters of The Lamoni Demons and Graceland Univeristy Yellow Jackets to a point that they even made it onto our Speacility Menu.

In the mist of great danger and you need something to eat, we are there for you, with our many ways of dinning. You can call-in an order, you can come dine-in or outside, or we can come to your party or group gathering and cater it. Our workers are the best of the with a way verities of background and working experince, we have workers from around the counrty ranging from Calaforina to hometown Lamoni.