What Were The "Roaring Twenties"?

The 1920's were wild years in America's history, right after the Great War. Factories that had produced weapons and supplies for the fighting turned to creating
consumer goods for commercial purposes. Many Americans moved into the cities to become a part of this growth, and goods that were only for the rich and priviledged
were enjoyed by all. Cars and stylish clothing gained popularity among the people, and lavish lifestyles became common. The nation's indulgence swept through the
cities to define the era.

The Style of the Twenties

With the rise of the consumer market, Americans from coast to coast began to have more in common than ever before. They danced the same, they dressed the same, and
they used the same slang. The country began to develop a nationwide identity, and from that identity came a uniform style. Women began to abandon the more restrictive
styles of the past, wearing knee-length skirts and even trousers. A boyish figure became acceptable, and hairstyles were cut shorter than ever. Men also loosened their
style a bit, choosing to wear short suit jackets rather than jackets with tailcoats, and donning stylish hats to make a dashing impression.

The Talk of the Time

The Twenties was the first era to put emphasis on the younger generation rather than their elders, so the culture of the youth was widespread and infectious.
Slang began popping up in conversation all over the place, copied because it was hip and cool with the crowds of kids that used it. Slang words rebelled against
more formal speech, and so it helped embody the cultural takeover. Some 1920's slang is still commonly used today.

The Effects of the Era

Just as styles of liberal dressing and slang survived, there are other remnants of the 20's culture deeply woven into our own. An emphasis on the young generation is
prevalent in many places today, and indulgent partying is often enjoyed. Some people even hold 20's themed parties, dressing like the "flapper girls" of the era,
or putting on a classy suit. The most obvious effect of the 20's was the creation of the consumer scene.

The Perspectives of the People

The 20's were a dream come true after the Great War, a time of peace and safety. Literature revealed many great themes and stories in the period, and books were a
popular luxury item. With the widespread use of the radio, the media held the ear of the people like never before. Music was on the rise with the dancing scene,
as all the hip people could be found at clubs and parties.

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