Tabitha Reno


Hello! My name, as you can probably gather from the title of this page, is Tabitha Reno, and I am from the sunny peninsula of Pensacola, Florida. Back at home, my family is made up of my two parents, myself, my younger brother and sister, and last but certainly not least, our eleven cats and two dogs. In my free time, I am most passionate about art and literature, but I also enjoy working with computers, specifically with HTML/CSS code. I got into coding thanks to the popular website known as Tumblr, where people run blogs and are able to modify their very own blog templates. With a little research and a great deal of help from tutorials and Google, I figured out the basics and took it upon myself to continue to learn from there. As for my time here at Graceland, I'm an English major but I am thinking about adopting some sort of graphic design or computing as a minor.

Below, you will find a selection of links to websites that I find funny and/or interesting within the yellow boxes, as well as my homework links beneath them:

HTML tutorial

HTML tutorial

HTML tutorial

HW03: Checkpoints and Web Research

HW03: Case Study Directory

EX3 File Index Exercises 3.1-3.7

Case Study Directory (II): Week 3 HW

Case Study Directory (III): Week 4 HW

WK5 Homework Questions

WK6 Labs

WK7 Labs

WK9 Labs

Final Project

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