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1. The Hypertext Markup Language is used to help describe any page with other types of mark-ups. HTML is the set of codes that help place a file that is intended for display on a web page. The coding helps users to form their page to however they may want to construct the page.
2.There is no special software needed to make a web page document with html, a basic editor of your choosing will work.
3.The head section of a web page helps show us the title of a page in the tab above. The body is used for the maker to put his paragraphs or list, links, etc into the web page.


1. The Head element holds a heading section for a document and contains a title and meta elements as well. Also in the body there can be h1-h7 tags to make a heading for a section.
2.The order list makes a list with 1.,2.,3. while the unorderlist is using bullets to make a list
3.Blockquote elements are used to help show quoted text that is indented from the left to right margins.


1.The Special characters that's the grater/less than signs, also the quotation mark are inserted with their own codes.
2.Absolute links will take you to an individual resource of an web page, this uses http protocol.
3.Relative links will take you to other places within your own website. this doesn't use http protocol.

Web Research

A.HTML 5 Tutorial
Complete Guide to HTML
B. Both websites are aimed at people who are beginning.
C.As fas as both websites go I would recommend using both websites since they both make it easy to learn the coding.
D.I learned how to use the article tag and things you can use within the tag to get what you want.

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