Welcome to the video tutorials for the Dreamweaver CS3 Video Training Book. Click the links below to watch the videos.

Note: To view the videos, you must have QuickTime 6 or QuickTime 7 installed on your computer. If you do not have it, you can download it for free from www.apple.com/quicktime.

01 Getting Started

01_01 File-Naming Conventions

01_02 What Is an Index Page?

02 Exploring the Interface

02_01 Setting Up Your Workspace

02_02 The Insert Bar

02_03 The Property Inspector

02_04 The Document Toolbar

02_05 The Document Window

02_06 Panel and Panel Groups

02_07 Saving Workspace Layouts

02_08 Defining a Default Browser

03 Managing Your Sites

03_01 Defining a Site

03_02 File and Folder Management

03_03 Understanding Path Structure

03_04 Adding Content to Your Site

03_04 Creating a Site Map

04 Learning the Basics

04_01 Creating a New Blank Site

04_02 Creating and Saving a New Document

04_03 Inserting Images

04_04 Inserting Text

04_05 Aligning Text and Images

04_06 Inserting Metadata

05 Linking

05_01 Link Basics

05_02 Linking with Point to File

05_03 Creating External Links

05_04 Creating E-mail Links

05_05 Named Anchors

06 Working with Cascading Style Sheets

06_01 Anatomy of CSS

06_02 CSS and Page Properties

06_03 Moving an Internal Style Sheet to an External Style Sheet

06_04 The CSS Styles Panel

06_05 CSS Selectors

06_06 Type Selectors

06_07 ID Selectors

06_08 Class Selectors

06_09 Creating Rollovers with Pseudo-Class Selectors

07 Working with Typography

07_01 Formatting Text with the Property Inspector

07_02 What Measurement Should I Use?

07_03 Managing White Space with Margins, Padding, and Line Height

07_04 Aligning Text

07_05 Creating Lists

08 Working with Tables

08_01 Tables in Code View

08_02 Creating Tables and Adding Content

08_03 Changing Table Borders with XHTML

08_04 Coloring Tables with XHTML and CSS

08_05 Aligning Table Content

08_06 Sorting Tables

09 Using Layout Tools

09_01 Tracing Images

09_02 Adding AP DIV Tags

09_03 Layout Tables

09_04 Adjusting Table Widths

10 Designing for Devices

10_01 About Devices

10_02 Attaching a Printer-Friendly Style Sheet

10_03 Styling for Print

11 Working with Rollover Images

11_01 Rollover Rules

11_02 Creating a Simple Rollover

11_03 Creating Disjointed Rollovers

11_04 Creating Navigation Bars with Multiple States

12 Publishing Your Site

12_01 Running Site Reports

12_02 Checking Links Sitewide

12_03 Setting Up a Tripod Account

12_04 Entering Remote Info

12_05 Publishing Your Site

12_06 Publishing Updates to Your Site